Turkey wants rights in the exploitation of the natural gas

Turkey wants rights in the exploitation of the natural gas.

 The Turkish minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, stated at a Turkish newspaper that if the natural gas reserves found in the Cypriot EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) belong to the Greek-Cypriots then a solution must be found between the Greek-Cypriot side and the Turkish-Cypriot side. The minister of Foreign Affairs supported that the election of Nicos Anastasiades to presidency was promising since Mr Anastasiades is positive concerning finding a solution to the Cyprus dispute.

However, he was currently very busy with the financial situation of the island and so no discussions took place. Mr. Eroglu, the president of the Turkish-Cypriot side feels very positive as well and has hopes concerning the future discussions when Mr Anastasiades will be ready to start negotiations. According to Mr. Davutoglu the Turkish proposal to Cyprus is for the 2 sides to have a meeting as soon as possible to discuss a possible solution.

The natural resources found must belong to the new united Cyprus. If this is not possible then the need to share the natural resources must make them create a new joined committee that will be responsible of the extraction and exploitation of the gas and oil.

The money gained from this will be placed in a joined bank account and will be used after a peaceful solution is found. Mr. Davutoglu stated to the Turkish newspaper giving the interview that if this is not possible and the Greek-Cypriot side insists that the natural gas is theirs since it was found in their own EEZ then it will immediately mean that the north side where North Cyprus is belongs to them. A new solution must be found then under different circumstances.

Conspiracy Theories about Latin-American presidents cancer

Conspiracy Theories about Latin-American presidents cancer.

The government of Venezuela is about to begin an official research to investigate allegations that support that the cancer which caused the death of their beloved president was the outcome of poisoning caused from his enemies abroad.

The opponents of the Government consider the allegations excessive and crazy. They support that is it an unthinkable typical conspiracy theory, lining with Chavez mentality, having as an ultimate goal to strengthen the fears of imperialistic threats in the socialist system of Venezuela.

However, Nicolas Maduro, the temporary president until the 14th of April whom Chavez chose himself, promised that he will conduct a research concerning the allegations that Chavez himself had expressed, a little after he was diagnosed with cancer in 2011.

Mr Maduro supported that they will reach the truth since they strongly believe that Chavez was poisoned by dark forces that wanted him out of the way. Foreign scientists will be invited to take part in the investigations.

The governmental opposition tries to deny everything by supporting that Mr Maduro is trying to disorient the people of Venezuela, especially now with the upcoming elections and that they are trying to take advantage of the situation and take advantage of the grieving of the people.

However, this is not something Mr Maduro thought himself, because the poisoning allegations were something Chavez himself expressed. Hugo Chavez strongly believed that the United States of America are somehow giving Latin American leftist leaders’ cancer. He believed that the Americans have invented a way to give cancer.

Chavez referred to the law of probabilities when talking about the cases of the Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who all had cancer and were all leftists.

Chavez, before his death, warned his close ally, Evo Morales, the Bolivian President, to take care and be very careful since he is a passionate critic going against the U.S policies.

Furthermore, Fidel Castro used to warn Chavez to be careful since he believed that the Americans developed a lot of technologies that were dangerous. He used to warn him to be careful about what they were giving him to eat.

The lists of corruption are handed over to the state for investigation

The lists of corruption are handed over to the state for investigation.

A political and social turmoil has erupted in Cyprus after rumours came to surface about banks erasing loans and debts of political parties, politicians and administrative members of the political parties.

The banks were erasing loans or debts leading the Cypriot state to destruction. The list with the names who managed to have their debts erased is already in the hands of the Institutions Committee of the Cypriot Parliament and the ones responsible will be called to prove why and how did they manage to have their debts/loans erased from major bank institutions in Cyprus.

The research committee who will deal with the matter is made out of 3 judges and will investigate who was responsible for the current state of the banking system and the Cypriot economy. The President of the committee is George Pikis and its members are Panagiotis Kallis and Giannakis Constantinides.

What is supported is that the list is already in the hands of the General Attorney of the state Petros Klirides who is responsible for prosecutions on behalf of the state. The list includes names of popular Cypriot politicians and business men who have taken gratuitous loans or erased debts from the 2 major bank institutions Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank.

A research will take place to investigate whether there are political and penal responsibilities so that people can get punished. Rumour has it that in the lists handed over to the authorities the political party of EDEK and the Environmentalists are not included. These lists if they exist indeed they are the beginning of a huge investigation about the corruption that lead to today’s destructive situation. Share this:

Newly created institution for teenagers with mental disorders in Nicosia

Newly created institution for teenagers with mental disorders in Nicosia.

A small institution for teenagers with mental disorders has been placed, last November, in the Makario General Hospital of Nicosia. A hospitalisation section for troubled teenagers has proudly started operating last November after many years of serious consideration and planning.

The hospitalisation section welcomes teenagers aged 12-17 who face serious mental problems at this critical, for their development, age.

This newly installed section in the Nicosia General Hospital covers and will continue covering the huge need for places like this in Cyprus, and will become an admirable addition in the psychology sector of Cyprus.

From the first day of its function it has already treated 14 teenagers and 10 out of 14 teenagers have already been sent home with a clearly better psychological condition. However, the unfortunate part of the story is that the need for institutional hospitalisation for mentally disordered teenagers is extremely big, whereas the beds available are only 8, with one bed always empty in case of urgent incidents. The new section of the capital’s general hospital is in great demand since more people start learning about it.

The institution deals with severe cases of mental disorders that cannot in any way be treated outside an institution such as psychosis, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), emotional and behavioural disorders and many life-threatening situations.

The new “home of teenagers” follows a psychodynamic approach and tries to treat the troubled minds in a positive and helping environment without trying in any way to remove teenagers from their homes. Also, when their condition is improved they become home-schooled where a private teacher helps them with their classes, according to their age. This helps them to easily re-join the school environment when they feel ready.

Extremely basic, is the co-operation of their family. The parents and family members must be co-workers and strong supporters of the staff and teenagers themselves so that they can learn how to effectively handle them after they are able to return home. Ultimate goal is for the family to stop feeling guilty and release all negatives thoughts, while focusing on the improvement of the patient.

Congratulations to the new hospitalisation section created, it is of vital importance and we are pretty sure that the difference it will make in many young lives and families will be huge.

Russian businessmen lawsuits Vs State & Banks. Three possible scenarios for the Welfare offices deposits

Russian businessmen lawsuits Vs State & Banks:

The Russian businessmen affected by the haircut are thinking of using the law to punish those responsible. After the Eurogroup decision some Russian businessmen are very angry for their affected deposits and they are going to proceed to lawsuits. However, the legal and financial sector support that this will be a very difficult case.

The executive director of a law firm in Moscow stated that it is worth studying the option of lawsuits; however things will not be easy. It will be a very long legal process and the options provided are lawsuits against the state or against the banks.

2 Russians, one of them currently living in Cyprus, already asked for legal advice concerning this matter, as well as 3 huge banks in Russia asking for advice on how to handle the situation.

Three possible scenarios for the Welfare offices deposits

There are 3 possible scenarios discussed by the government in order to manage to save the welfare offices.

The first scenario provides that the deposits and investments of the welfare offices invested in Laiki are transferred safely to the good Laiki which will be created. However this scenario provides that the welfare offices deposits are going to go through haircut since they are going to be transferred to the Bank of Cyprus which will absorb the good Laiki.

Thus if they are transferred there they will be treated the same way the rest of the unsafe deposits will be treated at Bank of Cyprus. The second scenario, discussed by the government is to create a law that will financially cover the Welfare offices needs through time by the state.

The third but less possible scenario is to impose further solidarity fee on the deposits. Nothing is decided for sure yet. The government is trying to choose the less painful but possible scenario.

Mr. Nicolaou’s critic on the situation and the viability proposal on TV

Mr. Nicolaou, the business man from Limassol with the viability proposal was present for a discussion yesterday at EXTRA TV station, last night at 19:00.

What was discussed on TV is stated below:

Mr. Nicolaou in an attempt to support the Cypriot economy tried to express his own point of view concerning the situation, last night.

He supports that a lot of mistakes were made from the previous government. Also, it is a huge mistake that the banks are closed. A law proposal must be put in action so that the capital movement is controlled and the banks will be able to open soon.

Everything occurring now in Cyprus is a result of wrong options. The state has not yet realised the huge responsibility of finding hydrocarbons in the Cypriot EEZ. The government has handled this entire situation with the hydrocarbons wrong and that is why so many problems occurred.

Criticising the incident with the Laiki Bank Mr. Nicolaou said that if the banks were too big and their mass had to be decreased then how come they were working fine all these years but all of a sudden they are too big and they have to close down.

He proposed his own viability plan through the many viability plans proposed in Cyprus these days. He supports that the hydrocarbon management is the solution. Troika is pressuring Cyprus. The European officials and Merkel have a specific purpose. What Angela Merkel is trying to do is to create problems in the Cypriot economy. Troika with her cruel terms wants to have the absolute control of the hydrocarbons.

Mr. Nicolaou has realised that in the previous years when the hydrocarbons were firstly found that was when action had to take place. The government should have found great powers within Europe and through careful diplomacy to negotiate. The hydrocarbons became a reality with the extraction of the Noble Company. Many companies have already signed contracts for future co-operation. The natural gas is there. The behaviour of the Eurogroup is just confirming that they are trying to achieve their goals.

It is never too late. The suggestion of Mr. Nicolaou is that a team must be formed so that they can go to the EU and the officials included in the team will discuss possible solutions of the financial problem by suggesting to the EU to participate in the hydrocarbons extraction and exploitation. In this newly formed team/company everyone can participate.

The solution must be within the EU. We must stop accusing each other. We have a small economy and a small country. We must stop making mistakes. We must start forming allies. This is what the current government promised as well, that we have allies and friends and so on but as we can see nothing is there now.

Only the hydrocarbons are there. We must start working on it at Vasilikos. However, there is no money for extractions. Thus, a correct approach to European countries must be made offering them percentages and privileges so that they will help.

This is how it works nationally. We must ensure our wealth. A solution must be found and if the purpose of the great powers of Europe is to exploit our natural wealth this will happen at the end.

The proposal is:

Plan “AAA” for survival of the Cypriot Economy.

As a first step the welfare offices must be recapitalised because they are under the supervision of the state. We must gain time so that the proposal is officially presented to those interested.

As a second step, the law-plan of Money-Control-Regulation must be put to work. This will help avoid the uncontrolled removal of capitals from the banks so that the banks can soon open again.

We must deal with matters such as the inexistent strategy in national safety issues, the absence of strategic allies with strong nations and the lack of honest information provided to the people by the politicians. All of these have led us to today’s dead ends. We must start telling the truth to the people otherwise we are doomed.

We must all be connected and realise that Cyprus belongs to the EU and we must find our solutions through that.

By creating the Cypriot Hydrocarbon Company we can offer participations percentages of 50% for example, in all the state-members of the EU. As a small country we must suggest to the European officials their participation to the natural gas extraction.

With this plan we will assure immediate liquidity for the covering of our financial dept by issuing capital shares/bonds. This way we will gain capitals for the exploitation of the hydrocarbons as soon as possible.

In return we will ensure our national safety and stability, the solution of the Cyprus Dispute, the development of the country based on an improved model giving us a better environment and infrastructure. This will highlight Cyprus as the paradise of Europe.

Mr Nicolaou’s proposal for Cyprus to avoid bankruptcy

Mr Christos D. Nicolaou (business man) from Limassol has an exceptional proposal concerning the solution of the current financial obstacle Cyprus is facing.

He proposes that the citizens of the country or foreign investors could grand money in cash to the state to gather the expected amount of 5.8 billion euros. This demand was imposed by the Eurogroup as a preposition in order to grant Cyprus a 10 billion rescue loan.

The proposal of Mr Nicolaou is that the State Hydrocarbon Company (SHC) will grant shares to the investors by private placement at a discount of 20%. These shares will be preference shares with a guarantee return of 5% annually.

The company referred above will be a special purpose vehicle that the state will create in order to trade the hydrocarbons and oil extracted in the near future. This is possible since it is confirmed that there are hydrocarbon deposits in the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of Cyprus.

Thus, the proposal in detail is supporting that instead of the haircut proposed by the Eurogroup private investors can support Cyprus bailout by private placement in the State Hydrocarbon Company.

These shares will belong to the investors who have invested on private placement that will ensure them future income. These will be the profits from the trading of shares of the SHC.

People will have a motive to invest money. This plan will have promising perspective since people will not feel the need to take their money and run away from the country. Shares put on paper could worth a lot more in the near future. People will have the satisfaction of getting valuable shares and in return they will give support and viability to their country or place of their based company / business.

The hydrocarbons are a reality not a mere guess. This proposal could ensure the state’s viability and Cyprus future prosperity. Mr Nicolaou’s proposal is presented as a healthy and realistic approach within the international course of business, opposing the Eurogroup’s and IMF’s destructive imposition.

It is the belief of Mr Nicolaou that even though this proposal is realistic, alternative proposals could also solve the unacceptable problem created by the Eurogroup and the IMF. However, he believes that the intention of the Eurogroup and IMF is not a fair and clear solution to the problem but it is a suspicious action intending to control the hydrocarbons in the EEZ of Cyprus.

On the occasion of the current state everyone is offered the chance to think carefully about which side they will take. Will it be the development side…or the one condemning us to gradual suppression of the human existence imposed by people who hide behind popular international decision making institutions such as the Eurogroup, IMF, European Court and so on.

Finally, a small reference to the statement of Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Founder of the Rothchild Banking Dynasty) who stated “Give me control of a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws”.