Mr Nicolaou’s proposal for Cyprus to avoid bankruptcy

Mr Christos D. Nicolaou (business man) from Limassol has an exceptional proposal concerning the solution of the current financial obstacle Cyprus is facing.

He proposes that the citizens of the country or foreign investors could grand money in cash to the state to gather the expected amount of 5.8 billion euros. This demand was imposed by the Eurogroup as a preposition in order to grant Cyprus a 10 billion rescue loan.

The proposal of Mr Nicolaou is that the State Hydrocarbon Company (SHC) will grant shares to the investors by private placement at a discount of 20%. These shares will be preference shares with a guarantee return of 5% annually.

The company referred above will be a special purpose vehicle that the state will create in order to trade the hydrocarbons and oil extracted in the near future. This is possible since it is confirmed that there are hydrocarbon deposits in the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of Cyprus.

Thus, the proposal in detail is supporting that instead of the haircut proposed by the Eurogroup private investors can support Cyprus bailout by private placement in the State Hydrocarbon Company.

These shares will belong to the investors who have invested on private placement that will ensure them future income. These will be the profits from the trading of shares of the SHC.

People will have a motive to invest money. This plan will have promising perspective since people will not feel the need to take their money and run away from the country. Shares put on paper could worth a lot more in the near future. People will have the satisfaction of getting valuable shares and in return they will give support and viability to their country or place of their based company / business.

The hydrocarbons are a reality not a mere guess. This proposal could ensure the state’s viability and Cyprus future prosperity. Mr Nicolaou’s proposal is presented as a healthy and realistic approach within the international course of business, opposing the Eurogroup’s and IMF’s destructive imposition.

It is the belief of Mr Nicolaou that even though this proposal is realistic, alternative proposals could also solve the unacceptable problem created by the Eurogroup and the IMF. However, he believes that the intention of the Eurogroup and IMF is not a fair and clear solution to the problem but it is a suspicious action intending to control the hydrocarbons in the EEZ of Cyprus.

On the occasion of the current state everyone is offered the chance to think carefully about which side they will take. Will it be the development side…or the one condemning us to gradual suppression of the human existence imposed by people who hide behind popular international decision making institutions such as the Eurogroup, IMF, European Court and so on.

Finally, a small reference to the statement of Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Founder of the Rothchild Banking Dynasty) who stated “Give me control of a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws”.