The 5 Russian Oligarchs affected by the Cyprus haircut

If Cyprus subjugates to EU pressures and accepts the haircut on deposits, a lot of people will pay the price. However, 5 Russian oligarchs will pay the price more than anyone else.

Firstly, Russian Oligarch Alexander Abramoff having a steel business and a property going up to 4,6 billion dollars will pay a big price. Alexander has transferred a large amount of money in Cyprus after having a lot of steel industries. He also acquired the Cypriot citizenship. Last year he attempted to build the most expressive villa in New Zealand.

Secondly, Russian Oligarch Dmitri Rybolovlev having a fertilizer industry and a property up to 9,1 billion will also pay the price. He has a professional football team in Monaco and he is very popular in the real estate market of New York. In 2011 he bought his daughter a penthouse in Central Park for 88 million dollars. He is a shareholder in the biggest bank of Cyprus.

Thirdly, Russian Oligarch Alexei Mordashov is a major investor in the steel industry. His property comes up to 12,8 billion dollars. Many of his business interests are held in Cyprus. He is a big supporter of cultural institutions and athletics. Next is Russian Oligarch Vladimir Potanin. He is famous in the nickel mining industry and he has a property going up to 14,3 billion dollars. Many of his central offices are in Cyprus. He is famous for his contribution to the art world and to the museum world in Russia, France and the USA. When the incident with the Cypriot banks came to surface he commented that Cyprus messed up.

Last but not least, Russian Oligarch Vladimir Lisin. He is in the transportation business with a property coming up to 14,1 billion dollars. He is using Cyprus as an investment vehicle to strengthen his business empire. Last year he stated that he is willing to donate to every Russian athlete winning a gold metal 1 million dollars.