Turkey wants rights in the exploitation of the natural gas

Turkey wants rights in the exploitation of the natural gas.

 The Turkish minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, stated at a Turkish newspaper that if the natural gas reserves found in the Cypriot EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) belong to the Greek-Cypriots then a solution must be found between the Greek-Cypriot side and the Turkish-Cypriot side. The minister of Foreign Affairs supported that the election of Nicos Anastasiades to presidency was promising since Mr Anastasiades is positive concerning finding a solution to the Cyprus dispute.

However, he was currently very busy with the financial situation of the island and so no discussions took place. Mr. Eroglu, the president of the Turkish-Cypriot side feels very positive as well and has hopes concerning the future discussions when Mr Anastasiades will be ready to start negotiations. According to Mr. Davutoglu the Turkish proposal to Cyprus is for the 2 sides to have a meeting as soon as possible to discuss a possible solution.

The natural resources found must belong to the new united Cyprus. If this is not possible then the need to share the natural resources must make them create a new joined committee that will be responsible of the extraction and exploitation of the gas and oil.

The money gained from this will be placed in a joined bank account and will be used after a peaceful solution is found. Mr. Davutoglu stated to the Turkish newspaper giving the interview that if this is not possible and the Greek-Cypriot side insists that the natural gas is theirs since it was found in their own EEZ then it will immediately mean that the north side where North Cyprus is belongs to them. A new solution must be found then under different circumstances.