The lists of corruption are handed over to the state for investigation

The lists of corruption are handed over to the state for investigation.

A political and social turmoil has erupted in Cyprus after rumours came to surface about banks erasing loans and debts of political parties, politicians and administrative members of the political parties.

The banks were erasing loans or debts leading the Cypriot state to destruction. The list with the names who managed to have their debts erased is already in the hands of the Institutions Committee of the Cypriot Parliament and the ones responsible will be called to prove why and how did they manage to have their debts/loans erased from major bank institutions in Cyprus.

The research committee who will deal with the matter is made out of 3 judges and will investigate who was responsible for the current state of the banking system and the Cypriot economy. The President of the committee is George Pikis and its members are Panagiotis Kallis and Giannakis Constantinides.

What is supported is that the list is already in the hands of the General Attorney of the state Petros Klirides who is responsible for prosecutions on behalf of the state. The list includes names of popular Cypriot politicians and business men who have taken gratuitous loans or erased debts from the 2 major bank institutions Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank.

A research will take place to investigate whether there are political and penal responsibilities so that people can get punished. Rumour has it that in the lists handed over to the authorities the political party of EDEK and the Environmentalists are not included. These lists if they exist indeed they are the beginning of a huge investigation about the corruption that lead to today’s destructive situation. Share this: