Mr. Nicolaou’s critic on the situation and the viability proposal on TV

Mr. Nicolaou, the business man from Limassol with the viability proposal was present for a discussion yesterday at EXTRA TV station, last night at 19:00.

What was discussed on TV is stated below:

Mr. Nicolaou in an attempt to support the Cypriot economy tried to express his own point of view concerning the situation, last night.

He supports that a lot of mistakes were made from the previous government. Also, it is a huge mistake that the banks are closed. A law proposal must be put in action so that the capital movement is controlled and the banks will be able to open soon.

Everything occurring now in Cyprus is a result of wrong options. The state has not yet realised the huge responsibility of finding hydrocarbons in the Cypriot EEZ. The government has handled this entire situation with the hydrocarbons wrong and that is why so many problems occurred.

Criticising the incident with the Laiki Bank Mr. Nicolaou said that if the banks were too big and their mass had to be decreased then how come they were working fine all these years but all of a sudden they are too big and they have to close down.

He proposed his own viability plan through the many viability plans proposed in Cyprus these days. He supports that the hydrocarbon management is the solution. Troika is pressuring Cyprus. The European officials and Merkel have a specific purpose. What Angela Merkel is trying to do is to create problems in the Cypriot economy. Troika with her cruel terms wants to have the absolute control of the hydrocarbons.

Mr. Nicolaou has realised that in the previous years when the hydrocarbons were firstly found that was when action had to take place. The government should have found great powers within Europe and through careful diplomacy to negotiate. The hydrocarbons became a reality with the extraction of the Noble Company. Many companies have already signed contracts for future co-operation. The natural gas is there. The behaviour of the Eurogroup is just confirming that they are trying to achieve their goals.

It is never too late. The suggestion of Mr. Nicolaou is that a team must be formed so that they can go to the EU and the officials included in the team will discuss possible solutions of the financial problem by suggesting to the EU to participate in the hydrocarbons extraction and exploitation. In this newly formed team/company everyone can participate.

The solution must be within the EU. We must stop accusing each other. We have a small economy and a small country. We must stop making mistakes. We must start forming allies. This is what the current government promised as well, that we have allies and friends and so on but as we can see nothing is there now.

Only the hydrocarbons are there. We must start working on it at Vasilikos. However, there is no money for extractions. Thus, a correct approach to European countries must be made offering them percentages and privileges so that they will help.

This is how it works nationally. We must ensure our wealth. A solution must be found and if the purpose of the great powers of Europe is to exploit our natural wealth this will happen at the end.

The proposal is:

Plan “AAA” for survival of the Cypriot Economy.

As a first step the welfare offices must be recapitalised because they are under the supervision of the state. We must gain time so that the proposal is officially presented to those interested.

As a second step, the law-plan of Money-Control-Regulation must be put to work. This will help avoid the uncontrolled removal of capitals from the banks so that the banks can soon open again.

We must deal with matters such as the inexistent strategy in national safety issues, the absence of strategic allies with strong nations and the lack of honest information provided to the people by the politicians. All of these have led us to today’s dead ends. We must start telling the truth to the people otherwise we are doomed.

We must all be connected and realise that Cyprus belongs to the EU and we must find our solutions through that.

By creating the Cypriot Hydrocarbon Company we can offer participations percentages of 50% for example, in all the state-members of the EU. As a small country we must suggest to the European officials their participation to the natural gas extraction.

With this plan we will assure immediate liquidity for the covering of our financial dept by issuing capital shares/bonds. This way we will gain capitals for the exploitation of the hydrocarbons as soon as possible.

In return we will ensure our national safety and stability, the solution of the Cyprus Dispute, the development of the country based on an improved model giving us a better environment and infrastructure. This will highlight Cyprus as the paradise of Europe.